Rome - Friday 15 October 2021 in the cultural department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation at the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Rome, the fourth edition of the Pushkin International Prize was held, dedicated to the figure of the great poet, considered the forefather of modern Russian literature. The evening was opened by the fanfare of the State Police, directed by Maestro Secondino de Palma, who animated the audience with the anthems of the two countries and Russian music, concluding with Kalinka Malinka. Subsequently, the Pushkinian verses of Il Profeta recited by the Italian actor Giorgio Gobbi and by the Russian actress, presenter and sportswoman Marina Kazankova, entered three times in the Guinness World Record book and with a world record. The Prize is organized by the Friends of Great Russia Association, represented in Parliament by Avv. Leo Maria Galati is founded and animated by Yulia Bazarova, journalist, public figure, event organizer and promoter of Russian culture in Italy, and by Paolo Dragonetti de Torres Rutili, already protagonist of numerous initiatives to promote Russian literary heritage in Italy. The evening was presented by the author and host Stefano Bini. The event, now in its fourth edition, was sponsored by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Italy, the Russian Center for Science and Culture, the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, the prestigious Russkiy Mir state foundation, from the All-Russian Museum of AS Pushkin in St. Petersburg, from the Council of Russian compatriots in Italy KSARSI, from the United Federation of Italian Writers (FUIS), from the "La Sapienza" Foundation, from the University of Pisa, from the Alberica Filo Foundation della Torre, the Tota Pulchra Cultural Association and the Toti Scialoja Foundation. The Russian institutions, introduced by the greeting read to those present by Michail Shvydkoi, President Putin's special representative for International Cultural Cooperation, were represented by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Italy Sergey Razov and by the director of the Russian Center of Science and Culture Daria Pushkova . The nobility, and not only, present, and as in the past appreciate the history and culture of the country of Aleksandr Pushkin: Prince Guglielmo Giovanelli Marconi, Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli, the prefect Fulvio Rocco and some representatives of the Italian and Russian intelligentsia : diplomats, academics and actors. In addition: the Honorable Emilio Carelli, Cav. Manfredi Mattei Line of the Tower. On the Honorary Committee of the Prize, Ambassador Umberto Vattani, Ania Woronzoff, great-granddaughter of the Great Russian Poet who came from Tuscany to pay homage to her illustrious ancestor, the director of the Pushkin All-Russian Museum in St. Petersburg Sergey Nekrasov, the editor-in-chief of Literaturnaja Gazeta Maxim Zamshev, editor-in-chief of the Russian magazine “The art of cinema” Anton Dolin and Irina Pirerva, President of the southern section of KSARSI. The Jury is chaired by the well-known critic Arnaldo Colasanti, by the master Elio Pecora for Poetry, and is composed, among others, by the "painter of the Popes" Natalia Tsarkova, Lora Guerra, wife and muse of the great and unforgettable screenwriter Tonino Guerra, "poet of the cinema"; the producer Roberto Bessi; Professor of Russian Language and Literature Claudia Scandura; the writer Gabriella De Sica, the poet Natalia Stepanova, Olga Strada General Director of the "Vittorio Strada Venezia" fund, the Slavist Stefano Garzonio, Leonid Kolpalov deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine "Gazzetta Letteraria", Mariù Safier writer and RAI journalist, Irene Santori essayist and translator and Nicola Bottiglieri Full Professor at the University of Cassino. The winners: the famous director, producer and screenwriter Andrej Konchalovskij in the "Cinematography" section for the film Il Peccato dedicated to Michelangelo, Zurab Tsereteli in the "Sculpture" section for his three remarkable works of indisputable artistic value made for Italy: the statue of the writer Gogol in Villa Borghese in Rome, the statue of San Nicola the Wonderworker in Bari and the “Clowns” statue in memory of the famous futurist Roberto Boccioni in San Morciano di Romagna; the famous actor Sergej Bezrukov in the “Acting” section for his exceptional interpretation of some classic roles such as the poets Pushkin and Esenin; Igor Ladojanine for the “Art” section for his wonderful landscape painting; Francesca Maria Ricchi in the “Literature” section for the book The steps of life; Giulia de Florio, Alice Farina and Elena Freda Piredda in the “Scientific Research” section for the translation of the Letters of F. Dostojevskij on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his birth. In the section "Unknown poets" Francesco Mattia Indiveri for the collection Maria Monforte, Maria Grazia Zambianchi, Geltrude Persiani for the single poem. A particular recognition for Prof. Irina Dergaceva,Prof. Svetlana Makhmudova, Mikhail Talalaj and the research team for the monograph Dostoevskij i Italia carried out in honor of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Russian writer. The winners received a medal with the face of the well-known writer Aleksandr Pushkin, the flowers, the diploma and the book History of Rome by the well-known writer and journalist Indro Montanelli translated by the political scientist Leonid Popov. Among the participants: Rev. Alexey Maximov Vice-pastor of the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Catherine of Alexandria; Stefano Casarelli of Petroholding; Davide Locatelli; Galina Bukalova; Nikita Barashev, representative of “Literaturnaya Gazeta” in Rome; Sergei Startzev of Ria News. There was no lack of the most important Italian and Russian newspapers and television, such as Tgcom and Rai 3. The official media partner of the event is Literaturnaja Gazeta. The event was also broadcast online on the Facebook social channel of the Russian Center of Science and Culture at the link https://www.facebook.com/centrorusso The following partners participated in the realization of the event: Eventi Rome, Russian Standard Vodka, Gancia, Lumie di Sicilia restaurant, Torrefazione Fantini Caffè, ANPA, Tre di coppe, Ateneo del Gelato, Fr.lli Stefanoni farm, SIANTEL Srl, Podere De Ponti, Anitaris, Jean Vigo Italy, Calvisius, Flower Designer Elvezia, Sicilianedde restaurant, ToFindTaxi.com Vip Transfer, the Ca 'd'Abruzzo winery, the Kenobi photographic studio, Maelius, Resort Le Picchiaie and Sanatorij Sosny. In particular, the Ateneo del Gelato Italiano, First International School of Artisan Gelato "Made in Italy" created for the occasion "IL GENE E IL MALE", the new and intriguing gelato conceived as a tribute to the power of the philosophical thought of famous Russian writer and philosopher FM Dostoevsky. The tastes chosen to represent good and evil are respectively the grape, symbol in the Old Testament of all the gifts coming from God, and the apple, the forbidden fruit, made even more lustful by the warm and sharp taste of Vodka. 'latest made by Russian Standard Vodka. There is also a surprise taste, coffee, to sanction the feelings of conviviality and friendship between the two great peoples, Russia and Italy. In addition, the new and revolutionary "TRE DI CUPE" project, a container with an all-Italian minimalist design, ergonomic and intriguing, divided into 3 compartments, made of precious and collectible materials. The tasting was organized by Doc Italy which aims to promote and support quality Made in Italy, fashionable agri-food, from art to crafts, from tourism to culture. Doc Italy is an international showcase where you can revive or learn about the uses, customs and traditions of our extraordinary boot of wonder. An opportunity, therefore, to celebrate the fruitful mutual influence between two cultures such as the Italian and the Russian that have never ceased to fascinate and fascinate each other worldwide.


The third edition of the "Pushkin International Prize" celebrated in Campidoglio Rome - Thursday 10 October 2019 at the headquarters of the Campidoglio Protomoteca, which has always been the cradle of the Roman municipality, the third edition of the "Pushkin International Prize" was held, entitled to the figure of the great poet considered the progenitor of modern Russian literature, and was solemnly opened by the fanfare of the State Police with the anthems of the two countries. The award is organized by the cultural association "Friends of Great Russia" founded and animated by Yulia Bazarova, organizer of events and promoter of Russian culture in Italy and by Paolo Dragonetti de Torres Rutili, already protagonist of numerous initiatives to promote the Russian literary heritage in Italy, and boasts as Honorary President the famous Russian opera singer Elena Zaremba. La Zaremba has performed with the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras. The moderator of the evening will be the journalist of "Libero", author and host Stefano Bini. The event, now in its third edition, sponsored by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Italy, by the Capitoline Assembly and by the prestigious Russkj Mir state foundation, by the Italian-Russian Dialogue Forum of civil societies, by the United Federation of Italian Writers ( FUIS), the Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg, the Council of Russian compatriots in Italy KSARSI, the "Literaturnaja Gazeta", the La Sapienza Foundation and the University of Pisa, aims to further promote the enhancement of Russian culture in Italy by rewarding the artists who have proven to honor the special bond that unites Italy to Russia. The Pushkin International Award 2019 is made up of four categories: "Literature" (delivered by the well-known Italian critic Arnaldo Colasanti), "Art" (by the Italian producer Roberto Bessi), "Scientific works" (by Olga Strada and Daria Pushkova) and "Poeta unknown "(delivered by the master Elio Pecora). The winners of the Prize for this edition were: Prof. Galina Evtushenko, Russian director, in the section "Art" (cinematography) for the diology "Pushkin's Italy"; Prof. Evgeny Solonovich, poet, translator, Honoris Causa Professor of the University of Siena. Doctor Honoris causa of the University of Rome "La Sapienza", in the "Literature" section for translation of Italian poetry into Russian (he translated the poems of Dante, Petrarca, fragments of Ariosto's "Orlando Furioso", poets of the Italian Baroque, Roman sonnets by Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, poems and prose by the Nobel Prize winner Eugenio Montale); Dr. Emilio Mari, TDa Researcher in Slavic Studies at the University of International Studies of Rome, in the field of "Scientific works" for the book "Between rural and urban. Landscape and popular culture in Petersburg (1830-1917)". For the “Unknown poet” section: Maria Letizia De Simone (silloge), Eliana Stendardo and Alberto Dionisi (single poems). For the occasion, Mikhail Worontzoff-Welianinoff, great-grandson of the Russian Supreme Poet, came directly from France. Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Italy Serguey Razov spoke for an institutional greeting. Present were the director of the Center for Russian Science and Culture in Italy Daria Pushkova and Ambassador Antonio Zanardi Landi (ambassador to Moscow 2010-2013). The best exponents of the Roman nobility present and, as in the past, appreciate the history and culture of the town of Tolstoy: the princes Sforza and Maria Pia Ruspoli, Maurizio Gonzaga del Vodice, Guglielmo and Vittoria Giovanelli Marconi; Manfredi Mattei Line of the Tower. From Moscow the director of the All-Russian Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg Serghej Nekrasov, the well-known director and actor Akim Salbiev recited Pushkinian verses from the poem "Exegi monumentum", accompanied by the voice of actress Elena Russo. Illustrious representatives of contemporary Russian literature arrived from Russia: Maxim Zamshev, secretary of the Federation of Russian Writers, Leonid Kolpakov, deputy editor of the historic literary newspaper “Literaturnaja Gazeta” founded by Pushkin. The Prize Jury is chaired by the well-known critic Arnaldo Colasanti and by the master Elio Pecora for Poetry and made up of excellent names: the "official painter of the Popes" Natalia Tsarkova, the writer and poet Gabriella Sica, the director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Moscow (2015-2019) Olga Strada, daughter of the Slavist Vittorio, as well as university Slavists such as Claudia Scandura (La Sapienza) and Stefano Garzonio (University of Pisa), the poet Natalia Stepanova and the editor of the Ensemble Matteo Chiavarone . The Honorary Committee includes Ambassador Umberto Vattani, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2004-2005), President of the Venice International University (VIU), and President of the Institute for Foreign Trade (2005-2011); A.M. Bukalov, writer, "pushkinist", director of the Roman representation of the Russian press agency TASS (1991-2018); the President of the Italian Writers' Foundation (FUIS) Antonio Natale Rossi; the president of the La Sapienza University Foundation Prof. Antonello Folco Biagini; the film producer Roberto Bessi and Lora Guerra, wife of the well-known director Tonino Guerra. The journalist and moderator of the event Stefano Bini brilliantly animated the event The press carefully followed the succession of moments of high literary and poetic profile: Piercarlo Presutti of ANSA and the director Vera Sherbakova of the TASS press agency, as well as Father Alexej Maximov of the Russian Orthodox Church in Rome and Monsignor Gervais of the Vatican, the president of FIABA Giuseppe Trieste, the stylist Eleonora Altamore and the official photographer Luca Spampinati. Other participants were Anna Gentilini of Curcio Editore, Maria Grazia Melchionni, founder of the Journal of International Studies, and the architect Giampaolo Imbrighi, designer of the "Romana" metro station in Moscow.


II Edition of the Pushkin International Prize in the Capitol. June 20, Rome - The Protomoteca room was full in every place for the awarding of the Pushkin International Prize dedicated to the promotion of Russian culture in Italy. The significant participation of the public and the presence of the Mayor Virginia Raggi testified to the interest with which Rome looks to Russia and its cultural universe in this precise historical moment. Under the auspices of the forefather of Russian literature, Alexander Pushkin, an evening was held to celebrate not only literature but Russian culture in general. To this end, in addition to the prize for the literature section went to the journalist and writer Alexei Bukalov, the art section and the scientific research section also had their winners: the portraitist Natalia Tsarkova (Pushkin's picture painted by the artist became the image of the Pushkin International Prize) and the Slavist of the University of Pisa Alessandra Carbone. In addition to the medal and commemorative parchment delivered by the Director of the Russian Center of Science and Culture Oleg Ossipov, the winners will have a stay at the State Museum - Mikhailovskoe Nature Reserve in what was once the Pushkin family estate offered by the Museum itself. The three winners received the homage of the Russian Ambassador to the Holy See Alexander Avdeev who, in particular, wished to praise the historical work on the biography of Pushkin carried out by Alexei Bukalov. At the end of the ceremony, moderated by Leo Maria Galati with the support of the president of the jury Arnaldo Colasanti, Natalia Pavlova (great-great-granddaughter of the Pushkin family) and Vincenzo Bocciarelli sang and recited some pieces of Russian literature accompanied by the pleasant notes of the "Ghironda" orchestra . In addition to the Mayor Virginia Raggi, the participation of the Municipality of Rome in the initiative was witnessed by the participation of the Councilor for Sport, Youth Policies and Great Events Daniele Frongia and the President of the Tourism, Fashion and International Relations Commission Carola Penna, main support institutional to the event. For the occasion, the organizer Yulia Bazarova donated a commemorative medal to the Mayor in recognition of the efforts for the development of cultural relations between Italy and Russia while the moderator Leo Maria Galati honored her with a bouquet of flowers from the library -fioreria "With a rose". In the audience, among those present, Prince Lilio Sforza Ruspoli with his wife Maria Pia, the Russian actress Marina Orlova, Prince Torlonia with his wife Vittoria, Prince Fabrizio Massimo Brancaccio, Prince Guglielmo Giovanelli Marconi with his wife, the poetess Natalia Stepanova and the well-known opera singer Elena Zaremba.

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Alexander Sergeyevych Pushkin welcomed the century of Romanticism with his birth. Despite his short life, he is considered the greatest Russian poet and founder of modern Russian literature, in Gorky's words "the beginning of the beginnings". His literary language of him laid the foundations of the Russian literary language, which is why he is called "the Father of the Russian Language" as we know it today. He was a poet, novelist, playwright and also had influence in other aspects of culture such as opera. The "Pushkin" International Prize was created to further promote the enhancement of Russian culture in Italy by rewarding artists who have proven to honor the special bond that unites Italy to Russia. The "Pushkin International Prize" saw the light in the year 2014 at its First Edition and the winner on that occasion was the Italian poet Antonella Anedda, author distinguished since her debut ("Winter Residences", 1992) as a voice among the most original of the national poetic panorama, admirer of masters of the best Russian literary tradition such as Mandel'štam, Tsvetaeva, Cecov and Dostoevskij and curator in 2004 of the volume “The word Russia” with the translation of poems by Philippe Jaccottet. So this prestigious award will be a valuable contribution to further tighten the link between Italy and the Russian Federation.