How to become our partner?

Collaborating with the association means seizing an extraordinary opportunity to present oneself in an international and creative context by connecting one's identity to the image and values ​​of the culture of the two countries such as Russia and Italy. During the last edition of the event were present: Russian diplomats, representatives of the Orthodox Church, journalists, TV and intelligence of the two countries There are many levels of involvement as sponsors, defined starting from the services, visibility and opportunities the presence that the cultural association "Friends of Great Russia" guarantees to the company, as well as the contribution that the latter ensures. Multi-year agreements are possible as well as relating to more than one event. With a flexible approach to defining the contents of collaborations and therefore avoiding standardized proposals and packages, it ensures companies a communication and promotion tool that is highly effective in achieving their goals. To find out how to be part of the events, get more information and start a dialogue that could lead to a possible agreement, send an email to amicidellagranderussia@gmail.com, we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.